Books and other Publications

The Lakeland Dialect Society has published books and pamphlets on the dialect of the Lakeland region over the years. Some such as Cumbrian Crack and the Longtown Glossary are still available from committee members, although other publications are becoming harder to find; Reet Frae T' Hoss's Mooth; Hoo's ta gaan on? and What Fettle Mun.

Susannah Blamire (the Muse of Cumberland) - a tribute to an 18th century dialect poetess, £1.00

Lakeland Treasury, the works of L S Porter, £5.00

Longtown Glossary, edited JT Relph, £7.00

Hoo's ta gaan on? works of Harold Forsyth, £5.00

Back copies of Annual Journals, £1.50

Our latest publication, New Writings in Oor Auld Dialect, is also available now.

To buy Publications and obtain current postage prices, contact: Mr T Coulthard, 27 Glasson Court, Victoria Road, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8HH, or Journal Editor, or one of our bookshop partners, Bookends in Carlisle or Keswick, for a list of what they have available.

Online Texts

You may find the following of interest:

The English Dialect Grammar

Comprising the Dialects of England, of the Shetland and Orkney Islands, and of Those Parts of Scotland, Ireland & Wales Where English Is Habitually Spoken (Google Books)

Joseph Wright

Accents of English: Volume 1 (Google Books)

Accents of English: Volume 2 (Google Books)

John C Wells